Classy floral and scenic notecards (5-1/2 x 4-1/4) by photographer Ted Pease, available individually (just 3 bucks each!) or in sets 5/$12 or 10/$20.

Or mix & match.

Each with cream-colored envelope in cello sleeve and playful PeezPix logo on the back. See full PeezPix Gallery.

Leaves & Blooms

Flowers open our souls to the world around us, reaching in to us and letting us reach out to them. Neat trick. Beyond that, they’re just lovely, like a deep fresh breath.

Red Poppy in Ted’s Garden,
Petersboro, Utah

Rebecca’s Bleeding Hearts,
Bath, Maine

Dewy California Poppy, Humboldt County, California

Button Poppy at Barbara’s House,
Trinidad, California

Rose of Sharon after rain,
Humboldt County, California

Sunny poppy, Cache Valley, Utah

Fiddlehead, Patrick’s Point State Park, Trinidad, California

Tea Rose closeup

Water lily in Barbara’s Garden, Trinidad, California

Nasturtium Dewdrops

• • •

Earth, Water & Sky

These landscapes and scenes cover both of Pease’s home bases—Petersboro in the Cache Valley of Northern Utah, and his true home on the northern California Redwood Coast of Humboldt County—and places in-between.

November skies reflected in the Bear River Marsh of Cache Valley,
looking to the southern arm of the Wellsvilles.

The Fisherman’s Memorial above Trinidad Harbor
commemorates locals lost at sea.

Puffy autumn skies both above and below the Wellsville Range and the marshes
of the Bear River west of Logan, Utah.

Moonrise over the Pacific Ocean off the Humboldt County coast, northern California.

Late November sunrise brings daylight over the Bear River Range,
but little warmth to Cutler Marsh in northern Utah’s Cache Valley.

A brilliant July sunrise strikes the venerable pier
in Trinidad Harbor, Northern California.

A rosy September evening in Cache Valley, Utah,
looking east to Logan and the Bear River Range.

At 9,600 feet, Mendon Peak in Cache Valley, Utah, isn’t the tallest in the neighborhood,
but is the steepest in North America (measured as height to base width).
It also snags some pretty good weather.

The Wellvsille Range of Northern Utah reflected in Cutler Marsh, Cache Valley.

Summer forest fires fill the Trinity River landscape with smoke
near Burnt Ranch, California.